Get the backstory from the team who helped make it happen.

If you’re into cryptocurrency and you’re looking to save money along the way, then perhaps our SAIΞVE app is something you should be checking out right about now.

  • Is the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that your traditional bank offers on your savings account not exciting enough?
  • Are your crypto holdings…

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Exchanges play an essential role…

Hi, welcome to the community,

We recently announced our innovative new Beta product we’ve been working on for a long time: SAIΞVE. The new product is already being touted as a potential competition-killer with the potential to set a new standard in the FinTech crypto savings space.

Now the waitlist…

Today, we announce the most pivotal event of Peculium’s history: the launch of our new savings App. This is quite significant, and we expect it to be true catalyst, both for the industry, and our company.

Success never happens overnight. Patience ad persistence are the keys. It is the result…

I- B2B, a growing business

Starting BeliEVE v1 beta back in March 2019, and Alterus Saving Funds in June 2020, Peculium is acquiring major experience in both type of businesses.

Even if still recent, B2B is gaining momentum and benefits notably Peculium activities. …


SAIΞVE App offer you the easiest way to earn more on your Idle crypto holdings, giving you peace of mind while investing

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