Our strategically vital step in the development of the bridge between CeFi and DeFi infrastructure reached its triumph, as we are now officially deployed on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Rationale on the Migration to the Binance…


  • We began upgrading our token smart contract starting from 13th December 2021.
  • We are performing a reverse token split to boost PCL token price by decreasing the number of tokens outstanding.
  • A reverse token split has no inherent effect on the Market capitalization, which is remaining the same after it’s…

Overview and Background

PCL is a utility token that powers the PECULIUM ecosystem . It is used to pay fees within the SAIΞVE wealth management platform, earn rewards and gain access to unique cashback fees through the Membership program, and more. PCL is a user’s gateway to an effortless crypto investing experience. …

Get the backstory from the team who helped make it happen.

You may have noticed that your SAIΞVE web app is looking a bit differently these days. That “blue-ish” color on the app’s logo? New. Your ability to see SAIΞVE bubbles? Also new. That’s because in this second quarter 2021, we are reimagining the app’s brand and adding exciting new functionality…

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

To follow the development of the cryptocurrency industry, exchanges have been invented to simplify transactions between sellers and buyers. Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms that enable registered users to trade and exchange one kind of digital currency for another one based on the market value.

Exchanges play an essential role…

Hi, welcome to the community,

We recently announced our innovative new Beta product we’ve been working on for a long time: SAIΞVE. The new product is already being touted as a potential competition-killer with the potential to set a new standard in the FinTech crypto savings space.

Now the waitlist…


SAIΞVE App offer you the easiest way to earn more on your Idle crypto holdings, giving you peace of mind while investing

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