A study of NFT Finance

The Emergence of NFT Finance

How NFT Finance Drives NFT Adoption

What is NFT Finance and why does it matter?

The suitability of NFTs for widespread adoption

A framework for NFT Finance

  • Debt-like: the creation of fixed-income instruments that result in a cash flow based on NFTs e.g. a peer-to-peer loan where an NFT is used as collateral.
  • Equity-like: the creation of any instrument enabling the ownership of fungible items backed by non-fungibles e.g. fractionalized tokenization of NFTs via ERC20s.
  • Aggregation-like: the creation of investment vehicles, aggregators or market-making utilities that enable individuals to become market participants solely on the basis of upfront capital, with no technical knowledge required — such as index tracker funds or an NFT automated market maker.

The value of NFT Finance



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