Introducing SAIEVE Invest: The “Thematic Hedge Fund” you never had

A tale of many problems

The average retail investor has limited investment options. You can put your money in:

  • Savings bank account: ~ 0%
  • Bonds: ~ 1–2%
  • Mutual funds: ~ 6–8% returns annually but with very high fees
  • ETFs: ~7–10% returns annually but with low fees

Generally, mutual funds are managed to trade securities based on a specific strategy. While strategy complexity can vary, most mutual funds do not heavily depend on alternative investing or derivatives. By limiting the use of these high-risk investments like crypto, it makes them better suited for the mass investing public, with less risk and thus fewer returns.

Thematic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Index Funds target stocks positioned to benefit from potential shifts in technology, society, the environment, and demographics over time. ETFs are transparent and easy to own, removing the pressure of trying to pick single-stock winners or the price of privileged access to private markets. But both don’t give investors the chance to own the underlying assets.

Moreover, many of us eventually try our hand at trading in order to increase our returns, only to get burned. Trading manually is difficult. It takes discipline, patience, and time, which most of us lack. As a result, 97 percent of people who trade manually lose everything and return to zero. Trading can be improved by automating it.

That’s why we originally started PECULIUM to help traders automate their trading experience and released the Earn offer back in July 2021. Within 12 months of us launching BELIEVE trading strategy live, 100s of amazing users were already using this short-term long-only strategy.

Our BELIEVE strategy signifies PECULIUM’s will to seek the alpha at the very front of the bull and bear market cycles. BELIEVE is a long-only-based trading strategy that creates return in the upward momentum at spot markets. Composed of various models, it lowers volatility for more long-term stable investment. Robo-advisor AIEVE’s stabilization mechanism offers additional protection from volatility by providing stable returns. We believed that BELIEVE’s simplicity and robustness make it a fitting answer to the search for a household trading product powered by Digital Assets. However, after observing its traction, this strategy’s audience is a niche market, an audience seeking alpha with Machine Learning models.

Watching this play out from the ringside, we realized that there was a simple solution to address a wider audience. So we decided to move from a niche to an investment trend: Crypto Thematic Investing.

Finally, access to financial products that offer taking higher risk positions with the goal of higher returns for the investor, like the ones provided by Hedge funds or Thematic Funds, is almost never available to individuals. Hedge funds only cater to high-net-worth individuals and accredited investors. They typically have large min investment requirements of 100,000 USD or more and charge a lot!

Our answer to these problems is SAIEVE Invest!

SAIEVE Invest: The ‘Thematic Hedge Fund’ you never had

Ever wonder how hedge fund managers think and how they are sometimes able to generate explosive returns for their investors?

You aren’t alone. For years, hedge funds have retained a certain level of mystery about them and the way they operate; and for years, public companies and retail investors have tried to figure out the methods behind their (sometimes) apparent madness. Both mutual funds and hedge funds are managed portfolios built from pooled funds with the goal of achieving returns through diversification (See our previous Medium Article about what is diversification and why it matters).

SAIEVE Invest gives you access to alternative, high-yield investment products we call Baskets. Each of these ‘Bundles’ has multiple investment strategies optimized to work together. Each are well curated by our experts before being released and is monitored constantly for appropriate risk management and effectiveness.

SAIEVE Invest works like a Thematic Hedge Fund except:

  • Min Investment is as low as 200 USD.
  • You never need to transfer any funds to PECULIUM. All you do is connect us with your exchange.
  • Multiple investment options are available and new options constantly keep coming in. Every Basket is verified before it gets published. This helps you move from ones that perform poorly to ones that perform best very easily.

But it doesn’t stop just there. SAIEVE Invest in many ways is better than a hedge fund because:

  • Fees are charged as a % of AUM.
  • Not fees on profit.
  • Invest and withdraw at any time!
  • Investing in multiple Baskets helps diversify investment and significantly reduce risk.

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PECULIUM has always been a company driven to democratize access to investment opportunities previously only available to the very wealthy. The development of blockchain technology has been a key factor in enabling this ongoing financial revolution. But blockchain goes beyond offering a more efficient replica of the traditional financial ecosystem-it enables new business models that are better aligned with the incentives of all market participants.

PECULIUM has developed, a crypto investment and asset management platform that connects to exchange accounts and allows users to instantly access vetted trading strategies and investment portfolios. Founded to simplify trading strategy for users without any technical experience, PECULIUM has a growing offering of automated investment products.

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