Peculium found a way to add up to 25% on your rewards!

In our previous blog post, we outlined our vision and introduced our first Earning program offer. With SAIΞVE App, you simply connect to your Binance exchange, assets, select how much capital you want to onboard and grow in your BELIΞVE Account, and earn high returns based on proven investment strategies.

We changed the game by offering crypto holders up to 50% APY on their USDT stablecoins in their BELIΞVE Account — but that was only the beginning.

As a natural next step, we’re launching our newest utility token PCL.

From a Discount Token…

To use the full services of our products, customers had to pay the performance fees. Performance fees means that if the customer doesn’t make any profit, PECULIUM doesn’t make any profit neither. Initially, fees per winning trade were 25% of profit made and if paid directly in PCL, the user can reduce the performance fees by half. Thus, the old model was based on a 50% discount on the performance fees, if fees were paid in PCL.

In a token discount model, token holders are entitled to a fixed discount on services but structured in a way that the discount is mathematically equivalent to a revenue or fee royalty but only if you utilize the services.

In brief, discount tokens are digital assets that give their holders a limited right to receive discounts on use of products or services.

… to a Membership Token

Previously, users were only able to gain reduction fees when using our products.

Now, users who choose to hold their PCL tokens can receive up to 25% more yield on all non-PCL assets under management by SAIΞVE.

From now on, PCL Token gives users access to our services and a tier of membership. In order to boost their APY, a specified number of tokens related to their assets invested under management. This is not strictly a discount. The purpose of this design is to reward investors by slowing token velocity and increasing use demand of the token.

With PCL, earning has never been this easy. Simply hold PCL tokens in your SAIEVE App to boost your APY.

Our new Membership program is designed to help you grow and manage your wealth now and in the long term. Below are the ways this new system takes our services to the next level:

  • Flexibility: You can choose the amount of PCL that gets you the bonuses that best suit your needs, goals, and investment strategy.
  • Dynamics: Like our Future Products line, our loyalty scheme is dynamic, meaning you will still get bonus rates if the price of your crypto fluctuates, and you miss, say, the 15% or 20% thresholds for the Silver and Gold tiers.
  • Accessibility: With no minimum for PCL balance, our services are inclusive and easily accessible.
  • Usability: We are introducing a clearer, cleaner user experience, making it easier to calculate and keep track of the PCL needed for bonuses and rewards.
  • Build-up: The tiered model allows us to implement further perks for clients in the near future, to be immediately unlocked as you reach a tier or a new reward is added.

The new rewards are more generous! Users should be excited that there will be more rewards to be claimed.

Please find more information about our Membership Levels here.

Why did we change the model?

As John Maynard Keynes said, “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?” We changed the model because the assumptions and judgments underlying the original model changed.

Good Tokenomics helps incentivize all stakeholders towards optimal outcomes by aligning their motives and actions, using such design principles as “skin in the game,” where users who have contributed most receive due attribution.

We think that it is an innovative design tool to scale our user-base and harness contributions from investors for our technology. Simply put, It is a more competitive business model.

Big gains for our token holders come with big changes on our part. The Membership program has taken a firm step in the direction of long-term progress and we are excited to move forward with the improvements this new system will allow us to implement for you.

The Peculium approach is community first. Whatever we can give our community, we do. From unprecedented yield on your Idle assets to sharing our revenues, we strive to give you access to the best crypto financial products and offerings.

For questions about our Membership Levels & Loyalty program, contact us at



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