Peculium launches its Continued Coin Offering Phase

6 min readMar 1, 2018


Since the completion of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase, Peculium has been working hard to organize teams to put the best foot forward towards achieving the long-term vision.

With the first ray of sunshine on 1st of March 2018, Peculium launches its Continued Coin Offering (CCO) phase. Peculium is delighted to share details about our ambitious project and what exciting news to expect next in the near future.

This CCO phase will last for 5 months. During the CCO phase, Peculium will offer coins to institutions/companies. The total maximum amount of PCL tokens allotted to the CCO phase is 55% (11 Billion PCL).

The minimum limit for institutional investors is set to €100,000. The institutions can invest in one or more of our three smart contracts,

  1. Singulus will allow institutions to set up a central savings system at the institutional level or provide an option to their employees to manage it at the employee level.
  2. Alterus is a more flexible smart contract, which allows control of various parameters including the duration of the investment and the level of risk. Alterus can be a choice of smart contract for traditional hedge fund managers who are familiar with cryptocurrency asset/fund management.
  3. Solidus is the long-term smart contract provided specifically for complete hands-off approach by the investors.

Our investments and decisions are powered by AIEVE, an artificial intelligence engine that can gather, process, and analyze vast amounts of data to provide best predictions on crypto markets. AIEVE will be able to utilize the risk profiles selected in the smart contract and make best investment decisions for you or your company.

Peculium is based on the concept and the underlying current or future valuation of the cryptocurrency assets. Peculium relies on the strong potential of the inherent properties of the Blockchain technology to capitalize on the expected future growth.

Currently, this growth potential is overshadowed by the lack of regulation, relative lack of security, and the unprecedented amount of volatility in the markets.

High Volatility:

According to the current understanding of crypto markets, most of the market movements/swings also known as volatility are generated by the “Whales”.

We expect our blockchain analytics platform, big data and trends gathering engines, and the predictive forecasting of the crypto markets by analyzing past and present market data to provide necessary information for our Artificial Intelligence to guard against potential losses due to market swings. The artificial intelligence will be able to make decisions to capitalize on the market swings by taking long and short positions successfully.

The Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain data analytics platform confer Peculium platform with another important capability, the asset management. Due to the transparent nature of the Blockchain data, and transparent execution of the smart contracts over the smart blockchains, Peculium can create derived assets over the Blockchain environment. Currently, protocols like Melonport, ICONOMI, NaPoleonX have attempted to create a primitive Asset Management protocols over the Blockchain technology.

However, none of these protocols have the ability to conduct big data analytics and choose the right assets to invest. Peculium provides that ability to automatically create and choose a custom asset for a given risk and benefit expectation using Artificial Intelligence.

Technological Barrier:

Another issue that currently hinders adoption of Blockchain technology is the technological barrier. Safe investment, interaction, and fair assessment of the projects in the Blockchain technology requires a fair computer literacy, familiarity with the core technology, availability of electricity, and uninterrupted internet access. For billions of unbanked and other billions of banked but technologically challenged individuals, there is an imminent need to provide a solution that can be transparently managed by a few capable individuals or institutions.

What is the value proposition for PCL token?

PCL token has two value propositions. PCL tokens will be used as a preferred method of payment for the subscriptions of the services provided by Peculium platform. Just like Binance (BNB), Kucoin (KCS) etc the token holders will be able to enjoy benefits from our platform. Another value proposition is the speculative element.

Just like any other Blockchain based project, there is a speculative value attached to the success of the project. We expect that in the short-term relative importance of speculative element will dominate the price of PCL token but in the long run, the value proposition of PCL token will mainly be driven by the usage on our platform.

The second important aspect of the valuation of the PCL token is the determination of the total supply of the PCL. The hard cap for our project is to raise € 200M. The majority of this fund is to be used as an essential element of asset management, known as “liquidity provider”. At the beginning of the ICO phase, the total number of tokens was capped at 20 Billion at the rate of € 0.01 per PCL.

€200M / 0.01 = 20 Billion

However, if during the CCO phase the price of the PCL token increases 5 folds (€ 0.05 cent per PCL); the total available supply for sale during CCO decreases to 4 billion.

€200M / 0.05 = 4 Billion

This dynamic relationship between the price of PCL token and the supply available for the sale during CCO makes it a rewarding structure for the individual investors during the ICO. If the ICO investors HODL their tokens and progress of the project successfully increases the demand of the token, at the price of € 0.1 the supply might just be restricted to mere 2 Billion PCL tokens. Because most of these 2 Billion tokens are already sold to ICO investors, there will be a few tokens available to purchase by large institutional investors during the CCO phase. In theory, this should drive the demand of the PCL on the market even further, increasing the price even more.

Therefore we urge our investors to HODL their tokens until the end of the CCO period during which a lot of news is expected to come out.

So what should you expect in next few months?

In next few months, Peculium is focused on developing the artificial engine AIEVE. We are currently in the beta phase of the development. Between the end of Q1’18 to mid Q2’18, we have planned to introduce our AIEVE platform to tech-savvy investors. This phase will help us showcase our product as well as provide us with the valuable feedback from the community.

Please take a note that this version of the platform will not be as refined and easy to use as the final proposed version Q1’19 but the demo/simulation platform will most likely to include all the basic functionality without an eye-candy.

By Q3’18 a real-time dashboard will be available for beta testing. By the end of the year 2018, most of the smart contracts will be ready.

Peculium will be launching a massive rebranding/marketing campaign to make people aware of our project. Currently, 7 new Peculium websites are under construction (almost done). These websites are dedicated to various aspects of the project [Peculium, ICO, CCO, AIEVE, Learning Modules for developers (API), Secret challenge, and Peculium blog]. Peculium is planned to be showcased in prestigious magazines such as “Forbes”. Peculium will also be advertised in the in-flight magazines such as “EasyJet”.

Peculium (r/Peculium on Reddit) has planned to have AMA (ask me anything) sessions on Reddit where the core team members will answer community directly. The newsletter, the blog will disseminate important developments in Peculium and some more news in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency in general.

We urge our investors to think of Peculium as a real long-term project with the first mover’s advantage in the usage of artificial intelligence on Blockchain analytics. We wish to be the reference asset management platform over the cryptocurrency markets.

We wish to bring all those banked, unbanked employees/traditional savers across the world to take advantage of investments in the upcoming Blockchain technology. We aspire to be the bridge between the traditional savings economy and Blockchain based assets. We believe in a truly transparent global and fair economy that provides a fair chance to succeed to anyone and everyone. We are the pioneers, we have undertaken this ambitious project. We can succeed with your support.!

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