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3 min readJul 22, 2022

For many prospective investors who are new to the space, investing seems like a way to make money and not much more. In fact, it could be considered a job — and for those who can afford it, it can quickly become an actual job and the main source of income. On the other hand, just like with careers, the ultimate choice is always ours. With the right broker, you don’t have to invest in something that only seems like it will make a profit; you can choose projects you actually believe in, those that align with your lifestyle and personal values, and still have a great portfolio.

As its name implies, crypto thematic investing is the practice of investing in assets that all belong to the same trend that they may benefit from. They usually focus on long-term trends rather than specific Digital Assets themselves, but they also tend to be quite concentrated in one segment of the crypto economy.

To start crypto thematic investing, first you need to identify macro-level trends that may be of interest to you. These can be something technological that’s currently changing and you think it may take off; it can be environmental, like water shortages and solutions to that; it can relate to alternative energy sources and their potential; etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited, but the important thing is recognizing an area with potential, making a prognosis of where that area is headed, and then choosing your future investments based on both your personal beliefs and the expected appreciation of the assets.

On the other hand, thematic investments can be slightly more risky than other types of investments. Where mutual funds will have high diversification, crypto thematic investments will be focused on a key area. However, higher risk often equals higher potential for profit; if the key area from your thematic investment performs well, the returns are very likely much higher than what mutual funds are able to deliver.

There are many possibilities when it comes to crypto thematic investing. With a good broker, nothing is unattainable: PECULIUM has been working on unique long-term investment portfolios that each encompass a trend or industry for which experts have predicted excellent future growth. Each portfolio comes pre-diversified, but all the assets still correspond to a central theme, which lowers the risk while maintaining cohesion.

At its core, crypto thematic investing is about identifying powerful macro-level trends that will potentially yield the growth stories of the future while providing two types of service: generating exposure to an investment thesis and simpler way of expressing it, effectively trading/investing in a number of tokens in one idea trade. With this single transaction, the client gains exposure to a group of coins or coins tied together by a theme or sector classification or a region rather than their country of domicile, sector classification or exchange listing.

Thematic investing can mean different things to different people, encompassing themes as broad as globalization or as narrow and specific as space exploration or cryptocurrencies segments. For some, thematic investing also includes responsible investing, or investing in line with environmental, social, and governance factors.

At PECULIUM, thematic investing means investing in innovation for the future of society. It means investing across geographies and sectors with a long-term mindset and time horizon.


PECULIUM has always been a company driven to democratize access to investment opportunities previously only available to the very wealthy. The development of blockchain technology has been a key factor in enabling this ongoing financial revolution. But blockchain goes beyond offering a more efficient replica of the traditional financial ecosystem-it enables new business models that are better aligned with the incentives of all market participants.

PECULIUM has developed, a crypto investment and asset management platform that connects to exchange accounts and allows users to instantly access vetted trading strategies and investment portfolios. Founded to simplify trading strategy for users without any technical experience, PECULIUM has a growing offering of automated investment products.

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