Peculium Token (PCL): Bridging Economies

If you are new to Peculium, in short- PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly integrates the power of Automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Big data analytics, Blockchain Technology (Ethereum), and the economics of traditional savings (Employment Savings) and cryptocurrency markets.

-Rashid Oukhai C.E.O. Peculium.

Hello Readers,

Continuing from the chain of thoughts that we discussed in our last article about Peculium and its bigger picture, I decided to write this article to elaborate on the purpose of Peculium, purpose of the token PCL, and the plan of the tokensale for Peculium project.


Purpose of Peculium:

All blockchain related projects and ICOs can be summed up in certain bins/classes

1) Gateways for current system

2) Revamped current systems

3) Replacements for current system.

In case of Peculium, the investors and the partners who accompany us in our endeavor bridging the traditional savings economy to the new economy dominated by blockchain (economy 2.0).

“The first step to improve is to identify that problem exists, second is to believe that you can improve it, and the third and equally important step is to act in faith of the belief”

Traditional savings economy has many problems. First of all, savings options are available only to a few parts of the world. Secondly, the growth of the savings investments is failing to keep up with the inflation. Thirdly and probably most importantly, the control over the investments by the employee is very rudimentary (i.e. lack of transparency and control).

Peculium is the innovative solution to these problems faced by traditional savings economy, which provides availability across the globe, a possibility of higher returns, and complete transparency and control for the savers.

“Protecting financial interest of early investors”

Early investors are cared

Benefits to the early investors:

The plan for Peculium’s token sale has been carefully constructed with the purpose of financial security of the initial investors and long-term success of the project. So, how is the financial security of the early investors preserved?

The PCL is a token to be used on Peculium platform and has a baseline valuation of 0.01€. The early investment in the private sale, pre-ICO and ICO phases will enjoy Bonus PCL payments. Currently, during ICO phase 10% bonus PCL will be given to the buyers which means for 1€ they will receive 110 PCL. The investors in Peculium platform will benefit from 10% of the Peculium’s net profits which will be redistributed to the buyers during private-sale, pre-ICO and ICO phases annually. Therefore, in the short or long term, the investors of the crowd-sale will definitely be benefited more.

Following the ICO phase, the CCO phase of the tokensale will span from March until July. During each month we will sell PCL to the institutional investors. There are 3 main objectives for this phase of the crowd-sale which is directed only towards larger institutions.

Opening up to large international corporations:

We want to approach world’s leading companies and give them an option to offer their employees an opportunity to invest in the blockchain technology. Large corporations deal with employees from different parts of the world. The different legislative, financial and cultural limitations of different countries have resulted in disparities in the benefits from the employment savings leading to mobilizing workforce to places where such disparity is minimized. Blockchain is global and can relieve this problem. Peculium’s employment savings solutions will allow harmonious employee relationships and allow large corporations to better use their human resources.

Opening up to large personal funds:

Many of the wealthy individuals, hedge funds etc are still invested in the traditional economy and have no easy means to invest into the blockchain based economy. We would like to bring our solutions to them to ease their entry into blockchain economy and diversify their assets in the safest possible way.


We anticipate that over the next ten years, there will be a need for major projects enabling investments of the savings in blockchain technology. Value of such project will be based on the extent of the network/connections with different financial entities. To satisfy that need, we would like to work in close collaboration with the R&D of players like IOTA, which can revolutionize business model by eliminating the requirement of gas/fee.

“Burning the unsold tokens = no further dilution of value”

Expected evaluation

At the end of the crowd-sale, any and every unsold PCL will be burnt. Peculium will determine the market value of PCL. This valuation will allow our investors to invest their value in our smart-contracts and investment options. Savings economy has the capacity to absorb impacts of major financial crises. It has been growing steadily for last 60 years. Peculium is offering a blockchain based, revolutionary, and safe solution to grow this 19 trillion dollar economy.

Cryptocurrency markets capitalization

Even at 700 Billion cumulative market capitalization, the world is yet to understand the true potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is also true, that most of the projects based on blockchain technology will fail in thelong run. This is exactly why we should invest in the projects that have been thoroughly studied and analyzed. Our platform will help you analyze and invest in right projects at the right time so that you can enjoy your life while we work hard to grow your savings.

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