Restructuring Peculium’s strategy!

3 min readFeb 2, 2021

I- B2B, a growing business

Starting BeliEVE v1 beta back in March 2019, and Alterus Saving Funds in June 2020, Peculium is acquiring major experience in both type of businesses.

Even if still recent, B2B is gaining momentum and benefits notably Peculium activities.
Related workload is significantly less than that of B2C:

- Asset management (deposit/withdraw/tracking) is conducted by CRAM, partner of Peculium
- Support is dramatically reduced as all is centralized by CRAM

Professionals’ interest in cryptocurrency is globally raising, and timing for release of Alterus Saving Funds is ideal.

On the other hand, B2C, with the end of BeliEVE v1, has costed a tremendous amount of work, to answer demands, to reconciliate data for each user, to operate the withdrawals… It has been a true challenge that Peculium team met with its resilience it already demonstrated in the past. v1 will be soon over, and this is the right time to introduce change in strategy, with a focus on B2B.

Short term target (within one year) is for CRAM to reach an AUM managed through ASF of 50 millions USD. This size is critical for Peculium to have the mean to roll-out successfully its 2020–2023 roadmap.
Started mid-June, performances of ASF have been hindered by a bug in the trading engine, and a stop-loss not triggered by Binance. Despite the resulting losses, return has been positive of 1,2%. Peculium has since then solved the identified bug, and is further improving its trading engine to enable real time tracking of orders and re-issuing them instantly if not executed. Mid-term target is to reach a mean return of 4% per month.

ASF is not the only product for B2B. Next Gem has also been deployed, which is a fund managed by trading experts using AIEVE’s signals in their trading activity. Since the beginning of this year, Next Gem has showcased a net return of 79%.

Powering both ASF and Next Gem, AIEVE has demonstrated improved performances recently by avoiding most of the dumps if not all which occured recently.


Closing of BeliEVE v1 is in-progress. All portfolios with an AUM above 1k$ have claimed their asset, and only remain accounts with less than 1k$. This still amounts to a total of 200k$ unclaimed as of this time.

BeliEVE v2 development continues, but has been impacted by the end of BeliEVE v1, and the efforts put in B2B business.

Peculium is learning lessons from v1 the hard way, and has decided not to release a product ‘Live’ before a thorough testing through a 1-year open beta.

In addition, in order to focus its efforts on its core activities, management of asset will be conducted using API keys on Binance. Participating members will have to own an account on Binance that they will connect to BeliEVE v2. BeliEVE v2 will then operate trading through the user account.
In addition to Binance, other exchanges will be made available.

After v1 is fully closed, a new roadmap, including that of products for both B2C and B2B will be communicated.

III- Opening PCL eco-system

So that PCL eco-system grows, it is required to open it. Currently 3 companies are significantly contributing to it, namely Peculium, CRAM and CRI.
Peculium is proposing the foundation of decentralized organization, including a representation of Peculium Angels, and based in Switzerland.

Peculium Angels are PCL holders, early investors and more generally stakeholders.
As such they keep in mind the best interests of PCL community. They support PCL token-economy by promotting PCL and Peculium products, providing support to the community, and sharing with it last announcements from Peculium.
With this representation, Peculium Angels can be involved directly in decision making and initiatives related to PCL token economy.

This orientation will be studied in the coming weeks.




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